The 3+2 scrum values - 1st part

My 2 cents about the 5 scrum values, misunderstandings and my personal opinion:

courage, openness, respect, commitment, focus


Don't misunderstand with bravery, courage is mostly the ability to recognize we are wrong and be willing to change. I also think it's the ability to "think out of the box" and put in discussion established methods and processes in order to improve. I think a courageous team is willing to discuss problems embracing openness and respect.


Often misunderstood with "tell everyone about your work", I think is more about discussing problems in order to solve them, acting with respect and courage, spread knowledge and help to learn from each other. It takes a lot of respect to act with openness. Companies and team that encourage giving and receiving feedback is a sign of openness.


In my opinion respect should be an underskin value running in the team every day. It's not just the common sense of respect like be in time at dailies and meetings but it's the base of a trustful team, where people trust each other, knowing everyone could make some mistakes. Recognize other ideas, with the openness that everyone is acting for the team even when it doesn't seem.
Respect in my opinion is also expressed giving courageous feedbacks. You can recognize respect in a team when there are real feedbacks, when communication is direct and clear it means we respect each other.