Be a role model, lead them by good examples

Let me be brutal: everyone wants the others do what he thinks is the best. Someone reach this goal with his authority, someone is authoritative. Someone over-rule others with power, others are well-informed and considered experts on their field.

A scrum master is an unpowered role by definition and while he should be well informed, hardly is an expert like a senior developer. How can we drive the team in the right direction? If you read the title you know yet: by good examples, be a good example for your team.

Do you want people are well prepared for meetings? Give them the right example and be always prepared. Do you want they respect deadlines? Be the first. Do you want respect? Give it first.

Being a good example is behaving in a positive manner. It creates a scenario that others will most likely want to copy your examples. Positive to positive, negative to negative.