Scrumban the interesting but boring book

What's Scrumban?

I'm reading articles and I didn't get the point. So I bought a book:

The Scrumban [R]evolution, here my review 

That book is really strange because it never describe Scrumban, and I've read more than half, and it's also quite boring since the author continues tell you that Scrumban is better than Scrum in many different situation, more or less every page, without telling you how to use this framework.

On the opposite when you learn Scrum the theory is so fast to learn.

On the same time the book is extremely interesting. In fact it's full of good ideas and shows a lot of possible formulas and graphs. Somethings that tell you "there is someone in the world that tried to apply some maths in that". That's really fascinating to my eyes. The framework (or method) seems more fluid than Scrum, trying to remove, but not completely, some barriers of Scrum, in a direction of a more fluid way to intend it, mixing with the Kanban concept of "flow". Another interesting idea is that framework should be more company oriented than Scrum. The author writes many times it help enhancing communication between several company departments. It allows also a smooth transition to Scrum.

The problem is that it doesn't explain explicitly how to adopt the new framework.

I'm convinced there is more in the book so I'm going to continue reading.

Stay tuned :)