How scrum insinuates in my daily life

That's a silly story if you want, but is an example how scrum/lean/agile is going under my skin day after day.

so, everything began when this morning my PO (wife) told me during the planning (breakfast) that i have to assembly the two new ikea dressers the stakeholder (she) decided *we* need :)

i told you is a silly story so if you want to skip it and read a cool article close this page and open this other

but if you are curious how scrum is changing my life, please continue :)

so the dresser are two, and exactly the same model. I tought (estimation) i could assembly both this weekend (sprint) and immediatly reading the instructions i saw there are 2 main elements, the skeleton and the drawers. both to be assembled.
From my previous experiences (i'm not a junior) i knew drawers are the most tedious.
So i thought (technical meeting), i could assembly assembly first the two skeletons (2), and only after the drawers (6).
This is better for technical reasons, because the structures are similar i could be faster assembly immediatly one after the other, same for the drawers.

At that point my scrum-master sense tingling, and I started thinking about the concept of shippable product and possible impediments that could prevent me to satisfy the PO (wife) and the stakeholders (wife).

Is it better to follow the intial idea (first the skeletons, later the drawers) and if everything goes fine i could ship the 2 products just at the end of the sprint?
I thought, what happens if i have an impediment and i'm not able to assembly the second skeleton? I will miss completely the goal.
Well, of course i could continue the next weekend but will be my PO happy to have maybe just the structure(s) assembled but unusable?

So i thought maybe it's better to complete one dresser at time (one skeleton, 3 drawers) and if i'm not able to reach the goal, at least i will ship 1 product.

So during this planning (second breakfast) the team (me) changed idea and begin the sprint (weekend) assembling completly one dresser with all his drawers at time.
And when the impediment come (sleeping on the sofà after lunch), I was able to complete one dresser (shippable product).
The PO was obviously not happy to see just one dresser ready, but after some complaining, she started using the new product and it was ok (except that i had to clean everything an tidy up all my tools and stuff).

But, hey at the end i got my reward, pizza and coke :)